Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chocolate Party

Now here's a party that almost anyone can enjoy! We had a fundraiser for our daughter's upcoming marathon run.
We made every kind of chocolate we could think of! Someone said it was like visiting Willie Wonka! And we had amazing friends that showed up to help us eat it all.

We had many businesses get behind us and help us out with the raffles. Glacier Confections donated a whole box of their lovely chocolates! That was the highlight of the raffles!

Anders Ruff helped us figure out some great signage, the Choco-LOT sign and all the labels were theirs. They were amazing to work with--very helpful with design ideas and customizing everything to fit our theme and menu. It came in handy in making us look like we knew what we were doing.
We worked super hard getting this all ready. Rhonda has mad fan making skills and put this montage all together. She folded squares like the little fans and stapled three of them together, then bent them in half on each side to make a circle stapling that to each other.
And of course it wouldn't really be a party at our house without the shirts to match the theme and the decorations
I have been on a raspberry tear lately and here is a fun little way to add some chocolate to the fruit...just pop a chocolate chip in the opening and elegant addition.
But I think the highlight of the night was our sweet daughter's Salted Caramel Cupcakes. Everyone raved about them. Even more special than that is a fact that is never far from my mind...never take for granted these moments...she had cancer and is still with us, and I do realize not everyone can say that. I can't imagine life without either of our children and we feel so very blessed. We will ever be greatful for answered prayer and wonderful doctors. The Leukemia Lymphoma Society was on the forefront of finding out how to cure her kind of cancer. She is one year away from hearing that amazing word. We are happy to help and give back to them the way they gave to us, and that was the idea that gave birth to this amazing Choco-LOT evening. 
Almost 4 years ago now she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma 6 weeks before she graduated with her bachelor's degree. Her doctor said it was a slow growing cancer and by the time they got her biopsy done and port in, she had 4 weeks left. He cleared her to go back as long as she started her chemo the week she graduated.

It was the toughest time of our lives and we had just moved to OK so our support system was down. In stepped the Leukemia Lymphoma Society when we needed it the most and they helped us in so many ways. We have made it our mission to give back to them as we know for a fact they use the money with great care and they helped us right when we needed it! So she is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by running a marathon.

Here is a link to Rhonda's fundraising page if you would like to support her efforts to give back:

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