Saturday, October 13, 2012

Early Christmas Surprise

We had a ball on out Christmas shoot the other day. We will share more later, but for now here is a little recipe for White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn for your family movie nights. Everyone knows I am a huge fan of popcorn and here is another good one.

Most people use microwave popcorn, but I prefer to make it the old fashioned way...on the stove with gasp...Crisco. we don't indulge often, but if I am going to eat, it is going to be worth the trouble! :)  Here is how we make it....

Popcorn in the Pan
3qt pan
1/8c Crisco melted
1/3 c white popcorn

Heat on Medium until Crisco ismelted, put in the popcorn. Keep the lid askew on the pan so it lets out a little steam otherwise your popcorn will be tough. When it starts popping, turn it down a bit so the top kernels don't burn while they wait for the slow pokes. Shake the pan as you go to get the old maids to the bottom. When popcorn slows, turn the pan off and set it off the heat. Let it finish popping with the lid slightly off the pan.  Enjoy!

Now...adding white chocolate and peppermint.

White Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn
8oz white chocolate
10 Peppermint candies (more or less to taste--I did it with the three I had from eating out the other day)
Pan of popcorn

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave. I set ours on 1 minute then stir and 20 second intervals after that. You do NOT want to seize the chocolate by heating it too long. I use a corelle bowl to melt it in and it works beautifully. Smash some peppermints in a bag with a hammer until they are pretty small crumbs. Remember, it is flavor and you don't want to chew the peppermints with your popcorn so smash it pretty small leaving just a few crumbs for color.

Sprinkle the peppermints into the popcorn and then pour the chocolate over all of it and stir. Pour it out on foil or parchment and let it cool, then break it up. Enjoy!

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