Thursday, December 6, 2012

Table Cloth Tree Skirt

Here at Greatstitch, we are all about saving money! I have scrimped and scraped my whole life, even when I didn't have to any more, it is just in my DNA to use every scrap and morsel. My mom was born in a dirt floor log cabin in SE Oklahoma, Indian Territory. So I come by it honestly. I am always looking for another way to do things, cheaper, faster, anything that will streamline the process.

My tree skirt was looking a little ratty, and I wanted to do this Christmas photo shoot. Honestly I hate hemming something round. So I was stressing about how to make it look nice. A table cloth popped in my head because they are already hemmed! Away I went to Walmart to find the cheapest $8 table cloth I could find. I opened it up and cut the middle out, then sliced down one side of it. Voila...a tree skirt! I hemmed the middle and down the cut side with hem tape (again my aversion for round hemming).  I added trim and bows, then did a little embroidery since that's what I do. You could applique...just go crazy with it! I even thought it would be fun to take heirloom or lace and use it. Patch over any stains with something fun.

Here are the pictures

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