Monday, March 11, 2013

My Grandma's Mad Money

This was my Grandma Eva's Nova. In the ash tray, she would keep loads of quarters and sometimes even half dollars! This was what she called her "mad money". She would say that she kept it for when she would want to do something fun, she would have a handful of change to do it with. Usually she emptied it out on me! So it was great fun to go get a "coke" with grandma.

We are starting a feature on Mondays for our Facebook peeps called "Mad Money Monday" we will try to have a super fun special on Mondays that will be worth the trouble. We are kicking it off with a bang! This is an incredible deal! I got an incredible deal, so I am passing it on. They are the cutest onesies with the name and baseball swoosh included.

Here is the link to it...

Keep watch here for our Mad Money Specials

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