Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun Facts About GreatStitch!

Sometimes people have an influence on you. Sometimes people shape your life. In my life there were amazing seamstresses. My mother's maiden name is Taylor. And yes, it is derived from tailor. I haven't found the story yet, but someone in our family at one time tailored clothes with that name! In an honored place in my shop hangs the coat my great-grandmother made for my mother who was born in a little log cabin house with a dirt floor in southeastern Oklahoma.  It was made from flour sacks and decorated with beautiful stitching--carefully done by hand.

Then there are the dozens of quilts and afghans that both of my grandmothers made me. I have some beautiful items. My mother made me outfits for special days--Valentine's banquets, high school graduation, college graduation. She made the most awesome set of outfits for my friend and I in high school. They matched! Then when it came time for me to sew, she let me play with an old treadle machine. The first thing I ever remember making was a little skirt for my Chrissy doll. When I started Jr High we had to take Home Ec. I thought it would be a breeze. I got an A on my first shirt project. What could go wrong? I took it home and I got a, "Redo it" from my mom! She made me take it apart and do it right, even after the teacher had a given me an A!

Years later another woman had a huge effect on my sewing. I was trying to learn new things while working at a Piece Goods store as a craft class coordinator. A lady walked in and told me I needed better samples! Thankfully they wasn't mine! She was the owner of a very important company in the heirloom sewing world and she was dying with cancer. Before she passed she imparted great wisdom to me. 

So many things shape who we become. These are some of the reasons that GreatStitch is what it is. Great women in my life taught me to do better, reach further, and never give up. These are amazing words to live by and run a business on.

Here are some fun facts about GreatStitch:

*We started this business in our spare room at home. Within 2 years we had outgrown the room and the garage! We found a workspace in November of 2012. 

*GreatStitch is not our first business. We have done everything from wedding gowns to horse show shirts! I have always sewn, done wedding flowers, smocking, I even went to culinary school. I have a super good cinnamon roll recipe I developed and someone once asked me to sell the cinnamons rolls on QVC! I couldn't figure out a way to get them there fresh so I decided I would rather not have an iffy product. So if you're really nice some day, maybe you can get some GreatStitch cinnamon rolls!

*My first "store" order was for 1989 version of bloomers. We did them in every size 12M-5/6 boy and girl. My kids were my models back then. 

*Our best selling shirt is the Digger shirt, accounting for about 1/3 of our sales! There are a lot of little construction buddies out there!

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