Saturday, June 29, 2013

Woodland Fairy Tales

In a child's imagination, birds can talk. And behind every mushroom there may be a fairy lurking! Before the years of wonder are replaced by grown up concerns, there is a brief time when parties are filled with more than laughter, and magic is real. If you're very blessed, you're there with a camera when that moment occurs. 

We decided to take advantage of that time and show these girls the most magical place we could find. Buried deep in the Oklahoma hills of Green Country is the treasure we found called Skelly Lodge. There are butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere. Majestic shade trees and a light breeze from the rolling hills made it the perfect place to have a party! From the koi pond to the waterfall and swing, we found the setting to be the magical place we were looking for! Becky at Digital Detours took our lovely pictures.

For true party magic, you have to have a cake. And not just any cake will do! When we spoke with Stephanie of Peace of Cake in Catoosa, OK she was happy to help, and she had come highly recommended! She came up with the most beautiful cake ever! We were so pleased with how it turned out. Her twin daughters made all the mushrooms! Stephanie was an insurance agent and decided to follow her passion and start baking cakes. She has a lovely shop with some antiques right next door that make the trip irresistible! Her cakes are not only gorgeous, they are yummy too!

What is a party where fairies are lurking without some sort of bark? Perhaps some Toffee from Red Kite Candy? So yummy! Elaine does the most amazing job with it and I always have flashbacks to happy childhood memories when I open the mail from her!

The prettiest cookies I know of come from Michele at The Last Course Bakery. These butterfly cookies fit perfectly with our theme!

My own daughter Rhonda had a great hand in a lot of the details. She took some of the pictures, set up the table and even had a hand in the banner!

 My hubby even got in the act dipping doughnut holes in
 chocolate and putting a pretzel in it to make acorns! 

Can you imagine any good fairy without a perfect outfit? GreatStitch is always happy to create a custom monogrammed outfit to work with your party theme!

Everyone who remembers, knows that fairies love tea parties. If you want to attract them, set the perfect table. They are very particular! Especially the woodland variety! It's very important to set two tables when getting ready for fairies. They might not want to come all the way to the porch. Set it at the edge of the woods and then watch carefully!

 We had a lovely time looking for fairies...

Did we find any?  Well one look at the joy on the little one's faces and that should tell you everything you need to know! 

Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Outfits and embroidery: GreatStitch
Location: Skelly Lodge
Cookies: Last Course Bakery
Candy: Red Kite Candy
Cake: Peace of Cake
Photography: Digital Detours and Gypsy Canon

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