Tuesday, September 17, 2013


In his famous poem The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe described a conversation with a dark and mysterious bird "on a midnight dreary."  I wouldn't talk to a bird that showed up like that in my house, I would just say EEK!  Our EEK! Halloween party was geared toward a spooky but not scary good time for the little ones.  Here's how it played out (and yes, there definitely was a raven).

In my mind Halloween is special because it allows us, for that one night, to have the courage to be whoever we wish to be, and to dream impossible dreams.  As we looked into this year’s Halloween season, our dreams ran into the most wonderful things: cupcakes, creepy old books, and even a few ravens along the way.  Let your imagination run wild as you join us for this
                                  EEK-tacular event.

  At GreatStitch we love dreaming up these “spooky” parties.  Some of our favorite things from Halloween crept out with all this fun: spiders, and monsters and cupcakes “Oh My!” These cupcakes are a new recipe that we tried that tasted delectable, we replaced the liquid in the buttercream recipe with apple juice! What could be more Halloween than a Caramel Apple Cupcake?! 

The younger kids got a kick out of our “dirt pie.” This has been a kooky delight in our house for years, it's always fun to bring out the familiar with the unexpected. The “ghostly” marshmallows were a huge hit and this is something anyone can do with an edible marker or chocolate chips to bring their party up to a hair-raising level. The chocolate rocks are here.

The Caramel Apple dip was enchanting to the palate, but was also a sneaky way to encourage the eating of those fruits! It is on pinterest...the one with the real cream.  

The green depression glass plates are something that we have been saving for a special occasion, and this party gave us the perfect excuse to use them. There is no better color combination than black, purple and green to encourage the diner to “Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!

We had to have a chair…so we stapled and glued the chevron onto the chalk painted chair which encouraged our little friends to sit a spell and enjoy their treats while at the same time serving as a magical backdrop to show off these new designs of EEK!!  for Halloween. 

Our purple monster shirt is accompanied by a pair of orange diamond patterned pants that Jack thought were very cool and went very well with our girl outfits.  Lily’s pumpkin is one of these great new designs, bringing a set of kooky fabric patterns together to make this sweet shirt.  Kaylee and Emma rounded out the new collection with some enchanting ruffle skirts. Trust GreatStitch for the perfect top to complete your look! Don't forget to order early!

Edgar Allen Poe summed up the spirit of Halloween in these lines: “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before.”

                Wherever you are this Halloween, we hope that you take a moment to enjoy the rich tradition surrounding this wonderfully creepy holiday and encourage those around you to be brave enough to be themselves even after the 31st has passed!

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Photographgy by Gypsy Canon

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