Saturday, December 6, 2014

Patisserie Noel

Christmas is magical.  The sights and sounds help to make the season yes, but it wouldn't be the same without the smells--a fresh cut pine wreath, a steaming pumpkin pie straight from the oven, or the aroma of cookies waiting to cool so they can be frosted.  What makes a kiddo happier than a lovely cookie freshly baked?

From the very beginning of our life together, my husband and I have always made goodie bags or treat boxes for our friends and family. We start our Christmas Traditions right after Thanksgiving by making sugar cookies. Then everyone picks their favorite treat. We love pralines, gingerbread cookies dipped in white chocolate, chocolate covered oreos and much much more! With all this yummy stuff around we have to give some of it away! My parents actually started that tradition in our family way back in the 70's. I love baking and so it was great fun to pick that tradition up in our own lives. My kids always loved it too. There is something about baking that makes everyone feel loved! 

So this year for our Christmas party we wanted to include our very special baker friend from All Things Cake. She has the most adorable kids and they are so sweet too...precious kiddos to work with! Janette has done some really lovely things in our parties this year and we could not be happier to feature her again in this Patisserie Noel where we had her make some of her best goodies. The best thing??  Her MASTERPIECE! A cake pop tree! I have not seen one of these before and I thought it was SO clever! I loved the take off and she said it took a LOT of cake pops! I about dropped over when I saw it. I thought it was so very beautiful! Hope you do too! She can make one for you too if you ask her nice!! would not believe what she unwrapped next! These most amazing cookies! I had no idea they could do this fancy gorgeous work! I really was floored by all the lovely things she created for this party. It was so special!

Also on board for this party was our dear friends at Anders Ruff. They have a Sweet Shoppe line of printables that she turned into our Patisserie Noel for us. We were so thrilled with how they turned out. They do such an awesome job with their work I am always so excited to see what they do next! 

The awesome bags we put cookies in were from Celebration Lane

The idea of the party was to make a bunch of yummies, then share them. It is always so nice to have a lovely printed card when writing a note and Anders Ruff made some adorable ones to tuck in with our boxed candy. Our sweet friend Heidi from Party Prepaganda had some envelopes that were perfect to go along with our lovely notes. If you haven't seen her things. they are adorable! We have used her envelopes all year and we are so thrilled when we get the chance to see such a bright pretty envelope...sort of sets the stage like the party has already started when you open the card!

Painting Paris Pink had the most adorable pop sticks that we used on our Christmas apples. They are pearly and fun....I love how they stand out and make the apples look so pretty! They would work for marshmallows and cake pops...all kinds of ideas swirling about those!!

We wanted to sign to make it feel like a Paris Patisserie we used Missy LaFaso's lovely wooden letters at Sweetly Chic Events. She has done an awesome job finding the perfect colors for our party! That mint green is not easy to find!

Mallory Hall Photography and Gypsy Canon teamed up to take some amazing pictures of our packing party. We have such great resources in our camera department here at GreatStitch. We are so happy to have these lovely ladies on our team!

Gypsy Cannon also does the lovely painting on all of our pieces. You can find her things at Papa's Barn. This lovely desk had a shelf added to the bottom. What a lovely addition to a little girl's room this would make! 

This is one of our new designs this year at GreatStitch. We love the updated Christmas Tree...modern  lines but yet with classic polka dots. 

The fun round and square boxes we used came from Nashville Wraps.

Packing cookies is hard work!!

The Good Stuff:

Party Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Photography: Mallory Hall 
Photography: Gypsy Canon
Cake pop tree, cookies, and other amazing yummies: All Things Cake 
Party Printables: Anders Ruff 
Envelopes: Party Prepaganda 
Wooden Letters: Sweetly Chic Events 
Cookie Bags: Celebration Lane  
Cake Pop Sticks: Painting Paris Pink  
Boxes: Nashville Wraps 
Lamplight: Kate Aspen

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Eve Movie Night

Christmas is in full swing here at GreatStitch

I thought we would do our first Christmas post looking back at this awesome party we threw with Anders Ruff Classic Christmas Printables. 

On Christmas Eve, we always do a movie night. We go to our candle light service then come home to stockings...and we all get new Pjs (partly to keep us from opening all the gifts!). We have awesome snacks because of it being Christmas Eve so for that one night we always forget our diets and gather round a cheesy old movie. 

The stockings are all hung up in a row and then we take the time to spend together that one night all year. Everything is busy and crazy, everybody running everywhere, but that is our night to just be a family together. So many memories gather as we get ready to do it again this year! 

The family that joined us for this party was an awesome part of our Christmas celebration. He is in the Army and we were so glad they came! GreatStitch made the can find them here

For our Christmas Eve movie night, Anders Ruff Classic Holiday collection for the printables and color palate inspiration. 

We love these peppermint marshmallows so much that they have become a Christmas staple at our house. We use them in hot chocolate, or they are good enough to eat them plain! 

Here is our step by step tutorial on how to create an inexpensive, DIY tree skirt…

Like any good foundation, most of its work goes unnoticed, but the Christmas tree skirt anchors the center of most family celebrations of the holiday.  In our house it is only visible for a very few days—when the tree is first put up it shows, but soon it begins to disappear under the growing stack  of presents.  Then after the Christmas celebration ends it remains for the short time until the tree comes down.  Yet even though we can’t see most of it for much of Christmas, I still want my Christmas tree skirt to be special.

You can find elaborate and elegant tree skirts that are quite expensive.  But given the limited visibility, it’s hard for me to justify that. So I came up with a simple, quick and inexpensive solution using a round table cloth that meets the need for a beautiful piece. I don’t feel bad about covering up.  The possibilities for decorating it are endless, you could even use an heirloom from Grandma that has stains in it, they could be covered with applique or embroidery. Here are the basic steps:

1. Gather your supplies.  You will need a round tablecloth.  I used a 70 inch tablecloth from Walmart that was $8.98. Can't beat that for a tree skirt price! Use whatever size fits your tree best.  You will also need a measuring tape, pen, scissors and a plate.  You can either use iron on hem tape or sew the edges.  If you want to add a trim or embellishment, you will need that as well.

2. Fold the tablecloth in half. Fold the tablecloth in half again. Fold the tablecloth in half once more.  This will make it a one-eighth “pie slice.”

3. From the point of the “pie” measure down three inches on both sides, making a dot with the pen on both.

4. Position the plate so that it touches both dots. Draw a line connecting them.  This gives you the circle shape cut out.
5. Cut along the line.  This will cut out the center of the tablecloth.
6. Open the table cloth to half.  From the center, cut a straight line all the way to one side (be sure to only cut one side!), following the fold.
7. Finish the edges with hem tape, or sewing.
8.  Add decorative trim or lace, ribbons for ties, or embellish with embroidery.
9. Cover with presents and enjoy!

We hope that whatever you do on Christmas Eve it includes family and a little bit of faith. Make the memories matter!

The Good Stuff

Party Styling and Planning, Christmas PJs and stockings: Brenda and Rhonda Byers, Great Stitch
Party Printables: Anders Ruff Custom Designs
Christmas PJs and Stockings:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Little Red Wagon

The Little Red Wagon....It is such an iconic part of every childhood from my parents who were born in the 30's to my future grandkids. It just doesn't seem to go out of style! So we decided to use it for our party!

The printables were our inspiration for color and tone. They came from Forever Your Prints. I love the whimsical color scheme that updated the whole theme of the party. The cupcake liners, water bottle covers, and all the tags came from her shop! 

Our friend Brittany Rumohr of Edible Details  is so brilliant! Her red wagons are adorable and we put them on the top of our cupcakes. They are so easy to use and they are so well packaged! They came without a scratch! For something so fragile to come without injury is amazing and a testimony to how careful she is in making and shipping them! 

My sweet husband is always coming up with something brilliant in the kitchen! If I've had a long hard day he is so great to see that and pitch in. He has come up with a sammie that I just can't live without! He does up some bacon and then some fried apples, and then puts them on a grilled cheese. I was a little skeptical when he first told me about this. He read it was a favorite in the 50's and boy did he make it come alive again! He uses American, provolone, and mozarella cheeses in the sammie. Oh...if you only lived close! I would have you come taste mine!

 We have a lovely family recipe I would like to share here. It works with just about any kind of fruit. We call it a "krisp" with whatever fruit you want on the front end of that. It is famously at our home Apple Krisp. But we tried cherry with this little party to see if it would work and YUM! It did! 

It is so easy! 

Krisp Topping

1c. flour (Gluten Free works!!)
1 stick butter
1 1/2 c. sugar

Crumble this together like a pie and put it on top of the fruit. It is THAT easy! Put it all in the oven for 45 minutes or until golden. 

This yummy popcorn came from Colby Ridge Popcorn and gifts. They make the yummiest popcorn on the planet. Some popcorn is super hard and lots of hulls. Not this one! If you love popcorn like me, you'll have to try it!!

Party Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Printables: Forever Your Prints
Cupcake Toppers: Edible Details
Personalized Birthday Shirt: GreatStitch
Popcorn: Colby Ridge Popcorn and Gift
Chalk Bags, red utensils and napkins: Hobby Lobby
Grilled Cheese Sammies: A la Bob