Monday, March 10, 2014

Anders Ruff Dinosaur Party

GreatStitch was so thrilled to be included in Anders Ruff Dinosaur party they did a few weeks ago. Here are the shirts/tent/pillowcases/hat we did for them. Their amazing styling is such a great combination of class and fun all wrapped up into the perfect boy party. 

There is something about a kid and a small space to curl up in. They love to have their own special place and these tents are just right for that, and here is the awesome pillow! What a great way to send your birthday kiddo off to bed with this GreatStitch Pillow Cover! It will remind them to have wonderful dreams of how great a party they had!

 These great shirts have embroidery on the front and back! This is something we rarely do and it was so fun to do something special for Maureen and the lovely dinosaur party  that she did. We think it is one of the best boy parties we have seen recently!!!

Anders Ruff did her printables that also included color pages and a wall poster that is guaranteed to keep kids happy! I adore this! Can't wait to use one soon!

And her boys are so precious! I love how tough they look awesome in their Dig Team Bucket Hats from GreatStitch. And here are the invitations from Anders Ruff.

                          Here is where to find the give-away we are doing this week at AndersRuff

Here is the printable collection they put together for this party. It's pretty awesome!  And thanks to Maureen for sending these lovely pictures by Michelle Kujawski Photography

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