Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lobster Macaroni

One of our favorite places to eat is Andolini's in Tulsa. They have a varied menu off Pizza and Italian food. I cannot tell you how the other food tastes because I cannot get past their "Opulent Macaroni and Cheese." They have posted their recipe online, but I will repost it here so that we all have it ready reference. I am also making changes to include the Lobster that we put into the macaroni and cheese. Kids love macaroni and cheese and then you add the lobster and it is so yum! We took two lobsters and steamed them for 7 minutes. Then we cracked and peeled them and took out the meat in small chunks to add to the macaroni. To make it gluten free the only thing different is the noodles.

Andolini's Opulent Mac & Cheese

6 Tbsp. butter
Garlic to taste
½ C heavy cream
¼ C Romano cheese
1/3 C Mozzarella cheese
¼ C Shredded parmesan Cheese
Pasta of your choice, cooked & drained
Fresh shredded basil for garnish
After the dish is assembled, bake in individual baker bowls or casserole until bubbly and slightly browned.

Sautee garlic in 3 T of butter. Cook noodles, Melt butter add cheese and melt stirring constantly. Throw in the noodles, stir well and *Add steamed shredded lobster at the last minute so it doesn't overcook. 

The printables came from Anders Ruff, The fork is from When I was Your Age.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sea Fever

The lure of the sea touches something deep in the heart and imagination. Once sea fever takes hold, there is no cure! Walk next to a boy looking out across open water, hand over his eyes against the glare as he watches a tall ship glide past. Hear the crashing waves beating on the rocks.  Sit on sand still warm from the sun while the stars twinkle overhead and the sweeping beam of a lighthouse guides vessels through the dark. This is where sea fever starts.

 We brought the excitement and thrill of the ancient call of the sea indoors with a nautical themed party for Rory. It was great fun to see their eyes when they walked in the room! This is why we do parties. The memories are so important for kids...and moms!

The Coloring Wall from Anders Ruff was such a hit it was hard to get the kids to stop coloring long enough to eat.  They do such amazing work and did all the printables. The detail in these printables is first quality all the way down to the rope around the circle to put the twine was clearly visible! The craft paper boxes came from Pick Your Plum.

  Birthday party attire was furnished by GreatStitch.  Custom shirts, bucket hats and a pillowcase dress for Rory and Reese all featured the nautical theme.  


The photographer that did all this amazing work is Mallory Hall Photography. One of the things I love about photography is that you can catch moments. I think Mallory did such an awesome job with that!!

 We loved the envelopes we found from a new company that a dear friend Heidi just started PartyPrepaganda. You will not find a sweeter person to work with and we loved the nautical feel of these navy striped envelopes. They went so well with the Anders Ruff invitation!


They say the blue lobster is extremely rare—only one in two million—but we were able to capture this reclusive creature for place mats and fry boxes from When I Was Your Age.  (I adore their name!!)  They also provided custom forks for the party. We made a lovely apple dip to go with the apples that were in our fry boxes. 

The little bitty bags and straws came from More Sprinkled Joy. They made perfect crayon holders!!The printables are Anders Ruff.

 "Opulent Mac and Cheese"....That's what Andolini's calls it. It is only my favorite dish right now. They make it gluten free which is really hard to find in a restaurant. They actually did a TV feature and put the recipe is so worth it! We added some steamed lobster to kick it up another if it needed anything else!!! If you are ever in Tulsa, the restaurant is amazing! They give pizza dough to kids to have something to do while they wait! The jars came from Specialty Bottle.

We used our limes as little vases with our daisies.

Party favors included a special 3-2-1 cake mix.  This incredibly simple recipe provides individual cake portions.  Mix an angel food cake mix with a regular cake mix.  Take 3 tablespoons of the mix, and 2 tablespoons of water in a mug and microwave for one minute.  That fast you have cake!  You can also add chocolate chips, nuts or coconut to make it even better. The labels were part of the party pack from Anders Ruff.


 We rounded out the Lobster Mac and Cheese with a blueberry and pecan spinach salad and apples with Snickers dipping sauce. 

The chocolate covered Oreos with anchors came from EZ FAVORS Lollipop Shop  and O Sweet Cakes provided lighthouse sugar cookies.  

 Shelly from KC Cakes and Bakes has been such a great friend to us and came and helped with the last minute stuff for this party. Her nephew is our little party man! She did these cucumber boats! The flags are Anders Ruff.

Piggy Bank Parties is becoming a staple for all our parties. They do the most amazing favor boxes that you can print out and glue together. So perfect for last minute Lizzies like me! You can also ask them to do custom, just provide a little more time.  These are their sailboats that we just had to include as decoration, they are not just favor boxes.      

Nothing can take the place of the sea, but until we next sail with the tide, this takes us there.

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by...
I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.


The Good Stuff:

  Party Styling: GreatStitch, Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Nautical Invitation & Printable Graphics: Anders Ruff Shop
  Professional Photography: Mallory Hall Photography
Custom Embroidery: Great Stitch
Striped Envelopes: Party Prepaganda
Blue Lobster Party Supplies: When I Was Your Age
Party Favor Sailboat Shaped Boxes: Piggy Bank Parties
Glass Jars and Glass Containers: Specialty Bottle
Wooden Utensils: When I Was Your Age
Paper Straws & Balloons: MoreSprinkledJoy
Sixlets, Jolly Ranchers, M&Ms: Lolli and Pops
Chocolate Covered Oreos: EZ Favors Lollipop Shop
 Custom Sugar Cookies: O Sweet Cakes
Indigo Blue Party Table: Rhonda Byers

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Banner Events Glamping Party

Jen Carver of Banner Events started talking with us last fall about her upcoming Glamping Party that was inspired by the Anders Ruff Glamping Party they did for the Bachelorette. Jen put together an awesome party that has so many lovely details. She said the girls squealed with delight when they saw the party and now you will see why!

We sent along 6 blankets, 6 pillow cases, 6 hair bows, and 3 really awesome monogrammed tents! When we had it set up at the shop here the kids that came in didn't want to get out of the tents! Here are a couple of shots we took at the shop before sending it all to her.

I adored the pillow cases because it takes the party home with the kiddos. They get to remember how much fun it was the next night, and the next....find them here.

Our favorite is the smore station in the middle of the table!

Here are some of the lovely people who took part:


-Party Styling, Production & Concept:  Jen Carver, Banner Events
-Glam Camping Invitation & Printable Graphics:  Anders Ruff Shop
-Professional Photography:  A Fresh Take Photography
 -Monogrammed items and Hairbows: GreatStitch 

For more details and photos visit: Anders Ruff 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3-2-1 Cake

Sometimes an idea comes your way that is too good not to share! If you haven't heard of it yet, this one you will want to put in your Must Try folder!! Get an angel food cake mix, and another kind of cake mix, any kind. Mix them together dry. Now you're ready for the fun!

Take 3 T of the dry mix and put it in a smaller coffee cup. Add 2 T of water and any mix ins. Put in the microwave for one minute. You can add any kind of mix ins you want like chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, etc.... Chocolate cake is good also with the angel food for the dry mix. It is so simple, and the perfect bite of cake you want sometimes! Talk about the perfect office or teacher gift....So here it is...3 T cake, 2 T water, 1 minute in microwave. 3-2-1 cake!

Thanks to my sweet cousin for giving me the heads up about this cake. It is SO fun and yummy!

Here are the printables that we used from our friends at Anders Ruff