Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ahhh....New York

 It's amazing how many wonderful dreams the "city that never sleeps" can inspire!

 New York City has so many possibilities. What I didn't know is that there are many options for GreatStitch. I sound like a tourist...but I have been to NYC before. We did the tourist thing that time. This time it was about finding gems. And boy did we! 

The best and most informative thing we found was at Mood Fabrics. We spoke with the owners and they were so kind and helpful. And their store...WOW. I am a silk lover from the get-go. It is the single most inspiring thing have ever found! Row after row of silk! Silk done in ways I had never heard of before! I might have brought a piece of silk twill home just to see how it sews up! Silk Twill!! Who would have thought it was even done, and then who would have known it would be out there....of course, at Mood! Thank you Mood!! 

Then we went to see Charles. Charles James that is! Well, his work as displayed at the MET. These are some of the beauties....

 This green dress is "kin" to the grey one worn by Angelina Jolie in The Tourist. That dress is how we first found Charles James. We had to see what else this designer had made. The movie is worth watching just for the clothing she wears.

 He just so happened to be one of the designers that changed the world of fashion. He thought outside the box and created things that are so complex people are still studying them.

 This next dress is so interesting to me because he cut and shaped 6" silk ribbons to fit the gown! 

It is said that Charles James thought his greatest contribution to fashion were his coats. Note how the seams run on these shoulders. It is so interesting to study his things.

When we were done at the MET we had to go look for some of these fabrics we had just seen. A man that helped me in one of the many garment district stores we visited made a lasting impression on all of us. He asked where we were from and when he found out he then said, "You don't have this in your village"(pointing to the trim we were getting). In his thick Armenian accent he explained how we appear in our village. He was extolling the virtues of NYC. After that, anything that came up, we said,"We don't have that in our village."

We did take a little time off from the research to do something really important! We added a member to our family. Bryant asked Kensy to marry him....and she said yes!

We had so much fun as a family in NYC.

Even Dylan's Candy Bar was fun in the rain. We did an enormous amount of "research" there. The place is laid out where just walking though it is an experience. 3 floors full of everything candy related! They have jars on the 1st floor with names on them that you can fill with almost any kind of candy you ever dreamed of! Old, new, all of it there. And if you go to do your own research, be sure to have a soda upstairs in the cupcake dinner tables. 

The food in New York City was also inspiring. We were treated like royalty. If you have Celiac, you know the drama of going to a restaurant. They look at you like you have horns and are interrupting their world. Well, not in NYC! They know all about it and not only have menus, real menus, but they tell you if you accidentally order something that is not ok. This particular item was of great interest to me! Pasta is something of a rarity! This is pumpkin pasta. Color me happy.

We had an amazing time in NYC. You just can't see it all in one trip.

Keep watching for new designs and ideas from GreatStitch inspired by New York City and Charles James. 

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