Monday, July 7, 2014

Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue!

As we showed you in our Glorious 4th post, we did our annual 4th of July celebration with our neighbors and friends. We tried out our fireworks/watermelon stand on Friday night and it was a huge success. For the sweet little kidlets that were too young to set off fireworks but old enough to want to do something in all the fun, it made them very happy. I think it's always great when kids can learn a sense of commerce, and they took it on like pros. We hadn't told them anything ahead of time so they came up with this all on their own...they had a name, prices, they figured out waiters, and displayed the treats beautifully!

All of this worked exactly as hoped. There was one thing that wasn't planned that happened. I want to tell you about that. Our little buddy Claire who has been one of our GreatStitch models from the very beginning is very precious. But she impressed me even more last night. What started out as a way to have some fun with the little stand turned into her wanting to collect the money and donate it to cancer patient care. Now how can you get more precious than that?

For a child to have so much fun with something and then at the end of it turn around and instead of buying bubble gum or elastic bands, want to donate it to cancer patients....that is just amazing. It filled my heart to the brim!

We have so loved watching these kiddos grow up and being a part of their birthdays and celebrations. I just can't wait to see what they will do with their lives as young adults!

Happy 4th....and great job Claire! Great job to her mom and dad for raising her to think of that!

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