Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Very First Guest Post! By Heidi Moxley

This is our very first guest post and it couldn't come from anyone I adore more. Over the years, Heidi has become a friend, not just an associate. She owns a shop called Party Prepaganda. You have seen her things in our parties. Those adorable invitations need awesome envelopes and Heidi can help you out! She is also one if the behind the scenes people at Anders Ruff and she does a lot of projects over there! Here is her post....

This is Heidi Moxley, project assistant for Anders Ruff, and I am super exited to be guest posting on GreatStitch today! Brenda has truly become a dear friend to me and I am so honored to be able to share my daughters 4th birthday on her blog.  Not surprising to most of you, Brenda was of course a pivotal part of this memory making event!  

As a mother with little girls I have waited patiently for the day where one of my girls would want a tea party that required real guests and not just stuffed bears and bunnies!  So, when my 3 year old wanted a tea party for her 4th birthday I was ecstatic.  As with every other tea party she really wanted her beautiful and well loved doll “Pretty” to be a part of the event so the  Tea Party with Baby Dolls and Tutus collection form our shop was the perfect theme! 

Truly one of the highlights of the day for Tyler was that her and Pretty got to wear ADORABLE matching birthday outfits Brenda had made for her.  They coordinated perfectly with the theme and party decor and even had a tulle tutu to wear under the skirt to give it a little added jazz! 
 As belle of the ball that outfit gave her quite the confidence.

When the girls arrived each one got to pick out a tutu for their special snuggle friend they brought with them!  Then we had a long table set up with little tea cups and lots of stickers so they could decorate their own little tea cup.  We made these out of clear plastic cocktail cups wrapped with white cardstock and a handle made of cardstock.  We wanted something the girls could decorate, but that we didn’t have to worry about breaking and these turned out to be perfect!

I did attempt to make a round pinata that I was going to cover with flowers, but my round pinata ended up looking like an amoeba and not a pretty one.  So, we pleated some tissue paper around it so it “looked” round.  Then we attached one string to the trap door at the bottom and tucked a bunch of others in.  Each girl got to pull on a string, but only one actually opened the door.  This way everyone got a turn and there were no tears.  Inside were enough goody bags for each girl to get one.  The goody bags were stuffed with bubbles, candy, little princess cameras, and rings.

Finally, the girls decorated their own cupcakes.  We had several different colors of frosting and various toppings for them to over indulge on.  Then we all sat down with our tutu wearing baby dolls and had a tea party!  Each guest left with a tutu bag that had  paper dolls, lollipops, and tea cup chapstick.  It was an incredible day all around!

Tea Party with Baby Dolls and Tutus Printables:  Anders Ruff
Birthday Girl and her Dolls Outfit:  GreatStitch
Headbands:  Drop of Honey Bowtique

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