Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Slugger Sleepover

The crack of the bat
The roar of the crowd
The ball sailing over the fence

A little boy's dreams often turn to heroics on the baseball field.  The American pastime still holds a special place in the hearts of young and old alike...but especially for little boys.  For a couple of baseball-dreaming best friends, a "Slugger Sleepover" made the perfect theme for a fifth birthday party.

GreatStitch did all the monogramming and PJ pants. One thing we're learned is that sleepovers go so much better with a theme--it just seems to keep everything on track. Starting with the moment they come in and change into their baseball PJ/uniforms, it sets the pace for them to be together as a team.

Who doesn't love a good cake pop? Autumn Lynns Chocolate Sins made some special just for this party. They were lemon on the yummy!

Gypsy Canon took the fun photos of this event. She has a way of capturing the details that make me want to eat everything in the photo! The pancake cake we made using a big cookie cutter (a jar lid actually) on the pancakes after they were cooked. Then we layered peanut butter and pancakes.

Forever Your Prints was kind enough to ask us to do a baseball party and we loved the idea! The printables for this party are all from them, and they are adorable! We used drink wraps, a birthday banner, a welcome sign, thank you tags, cupcake wrappers and number squares.

SomeMoBracelets has some really awesome ideas for bracelets! I loved that these look and feel like a baseball! The boys loved them too! 

We found a tent (cringe...did I just use that word?) Yes, awesome tent...I said it! Embark has a really kewl tent system where you can actually put it together in about 5 minutes. What better way to have a backyard sleep over than a tent that goes together quickly! Maybe you've done these kinds of tents before, but the old clanky pole system has made me walk away from tents. But as life often has teaching moments, we needed a tent, so I tried it! I really do. I didn't have to read or look at the very easy!

The boys loved their name on their own bat to take home. Mike at Precision Engraving has figured out a way to do it on round bats! The boys and I loved them! I see so many birthday and Christmas gifts coming his way! He has knives and yoyos, cards name it...this quality engraving is a really fun gift!

Promise Pretzels has made us baseball pretzels. The ball was a marshmallow...we thought it was really clever, and can you ever go wrong with a chocolate covered pretzel? My dad always talks about a black diamond watermelon. When I tasted it again for this party, it is so different from a regular watermelon! The local farmers market in Broken Arrow is where we find ours...fresh is always best!

It's bittersweet to see kids grow up. They have their challenges with every age, but along with those challenges come some really fun days. We were so thrilled to be part of this day with our buddy Jack. He and his bestie took some awesome pictures for us!

The Good Stuff

Party Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Photography: Gypsy Canon
Baseball Bracelets: SomeMoBracelets
Party Printables: Forever Your Prints
Personalized Bat: Precision Engraving
Pretzel Baseball Bats: Promise Pretzels
Baseball Cake: Reasors 
Cake Stand: Clay-a-gogo

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