Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Legend of the Great Steam Punkin

Lurking in a room that can only be reached by traveling down a dark and narrow crooked street, rumor suggests a party has been planned to watch for the elusive Great Steampunkin.  After giving the secret knock on the door, party goers enter to find a table filled with gears, clocks, keys and a delicious assortment of strange delicacies. Here perhaps they will finally learn the truth...does the Great Steampunkin exist?

Anders Ruff was kind enough to make our amazing printables here! We were
so excited how well they fit with our Steam Punkin theme! You can find these and a lot of other awesome Halloween ideas. 

Of course GreatStitch is always going to have a place in our parties! We couldn't resist making an insert for this old wooden record player we found. We thought it fit the part so well! It originally had a pink yucky fabric in it. This is a much better option!  My creative daughter Rhonda just pulled the other one off and put this one on a cardboard and replaced it!

The favors for this party are really fun! We took goggles and painted them with the same spray paint that we painted on our pumpkin. These were "beer goggles" that found a new home. We thought they would fit the little gourd pumpkins perfectly and we had the favors for kids to create their own steam pumpkin. We included some of the Tim Holtz gears we found at JoAnns and a ribbon. That way kids can have their very own Steam Punkin. And we found the lightbulbs in the Christmas ornament section of Michael's.

I found this light from a craigslist ad! This girl makes amazing industrial lights! They were the addition we needed. Thank you Christy Calhoun for making it special for our party!

I am always trying to make banners look different and I had some lace sitting around so I sewed the paper straight on to the lace and hung it. 

This is the old record player I was speaking of. The insides are still there! It is such a fun old piece. We just couldn't resist leaving the finish just as we found it in an old barn at an estate sale!

Is any party complete without Macarons? They are one of my favorites. Gesine Bullock Prado has put out one of my all time favorite cookbooks. That is saying a lot since I collect them. It is called Sugar Baby and is quite an education. I have cooked my way about half way through the book (then I got on my bike!). She has a wonderful Macaron recipe in there that can be varied easily. 

It's apple season so we have to include apples. I will be sharing our pastry cream recipe that a chef shared with me in culinary school. It is the base of almost anything pudding related. We paired that with some apples and topped it with a butterscotch sauce. 

Wilton has an awesome chocolate mold that looks like gears! It made these so simple! Then Michaels has metallic FOOD spray paint! Now that is some fun stuff right there! Super easy DIY!

For the back drop we had some old magazine pages printed off with clip art. Then we mounted all three on the same fabric we used in the record player. We also spray painted the frame to be like the pumpkin. 

I was in a bit of a panic because I wanted Claire to have some gloves. I went to Party City and they had some icky fish net ones. I used them and tacked a little lace over it. I didn't sew it completely on because I wanted to give her room to get it on. We tied it all down with a fabric strip that we used in her skirt. 

GreatStitch made the outfits. You can find just the shirt here for boys or girls, and the whole outfit here

For our pumpkin, we went to JoAnns and got one of the carvable pumpkins and used metallic spray pain on it from Home Depot. None of these companies pay me or give me freebies, I am just telling you where I got things so you don't have to search far and wide! We used the Tim Holtz things again on the face of the pumpkin. 

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, if you are sincere enough (and have a little help from spray paint) the great SteamPunkin may make a visit to your party! 

The Good Stuff
Party Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Party Printables: Anders Ruff
Photography: Gypsy Canon
Steam Punk Light: Lamp Stand Couture
Party Clothes: Greatstitch
Straws: Pick Your Plum
Light Bulbs: Michaels
Pumpkin: JoAnns
Antiques and collectables: River City Trading Post


  1. So many creative ideas! And that outfit is just amazing!

  2. I absolutely love this! What a unique theme for a party.

  3. Great job! I love the details of this party!