Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pizza Oven

We just had a party for our son and his soon-to-be wife. We did a couples shower to include Bryant because Kensy had three other showers and we thought it might be fun to add the guys with them. We did a pizza party to include them. Everyone brought their favorite toppings and made their own pizzas!

We wanted to show you how we made our "pizza oven." Here is what our fireplace normally looks like.

 My dad took a piece of paneling from Home Depot that appears to be a wall of bricks. He cut it the size of the granite around the fire place insert. He built a frame around the back of it to give it stability. Then he cut two holes in it, one that showed our fireplace, and one to create the illusion of the pizza oven. 

Then he cut a strip of the "bricks" out of the paneling extras. I think he called it "ripping."  He cut them again and made separate "bricks." We hot-glued those to the outside of the openings and that made it so realistic! My pops is the tops at this stuff! Don't you think this was ingenious? 

Then we got poster board and duct taped it behind the opening on the back of the fireplace wall and made a little shelf out of another strip. We added votive lights to give it another effect. We could have gone on forever making this look more realistic, but it was a party, not a remodel. So we stopped there. I am so grateful that my dad and mom are around to help with these ideas! I am very grateful they like to help! They went over the top on this one! But then it was his first grandson to get married! 

The piece of paneling was under $25 and I think it gave a nod to the old days of wood fired pizza! 

Anders Ruff did those awesome printables above the fireplace. All Things Cake did the yummy treats and GreatStitch did the embrodiery. Gypsy Canon took the pictures. 

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