Sunday, October 5, 2014

That's Amoré! -- Bryant and Kensy's Couples' Pizza Shower

We are excited that our son Bryant and his soon to be wife Kensy are so very happy together. We thought we should host a couples' party for their wedding shower. Kensy had two other showers so we thought we would include Bryant and all the guys in this one. How do you do something that guys will like and still call it a shower? PIZZA!! To set the stage for this special evening, we transformed the house into an Italian Pizzeria.  

This gorgeous buffet became the centerpiece of the food table. You can find this and other lovely pieces at My Papa's Barn. Wait until you see what it looked like when we started with it!

I adore these cookies from All Things Cake here in Tulsa. They create whimsical and magical cakes including this amazing pizza cake.  They have gone above and beyond to make perfect things for our parties, but this one was truly incredible. She also did the mustache cake pops, and provided yummy gluten free cupcakes for several guests with food allergies so they didn't get left out of the fun. 

My dad put his skills to work turning the fireplace into a pizza oven, and built a trellis to take us back and help us achieve the setting of old Italy where pizza is a classic favorite. It is so nice to have him here helping us out with our projects. 

In keeping with the pizzeria theme, each guest was asked to bring their favorite pizza toppings. We pre-made six inch pizza crusts and they topped them with their choices, then we baked them.  

We had Bryant and Kensy judge the contest, and the winner went home with a wonderful pizza recipe book from Williams-Sonoma called Pizza Night. We also made some of Bryant's favorite pizzas ahead of time so everyone had plenty to eat.  

We hung roses and basil with baby's breath from the trellis to add a rustic feel. Then we used whisks hung upside down with a votive battery powered candle to provide a little ambiance. 

Gypsy Canon did engagement pictures for Bryant and Kensy and those were printed out in black and white and used on the wall in red frames. 

Anders Ruff customized the printables for us and did a stunning job. We used their large chalkboard style poster, water bottle wraps, name tags for pizza ingredients, and one of the biggest hits of the party--the little pizza cookie boxes. We thought their pizza party they did for Pierson's birthday was so adorable that we had to do this for the couples' shower. The guests raved about the printables, and our neighbor kids and frequent models Jack and Claire even took them to school to show their friends! Anders Ruff also designed the favor bags we got from Nashville Wraps.

Party Prepaganda has really nice envelopes and they went so perfectly with our invitations from Anders Ruff. Several people commented about the chevron envelopes!

  We had each guest fill out recipe cards with a recipe that might not necessarily be their favorite, but the one that can be written out by memory, one that they make all the time. The couple took these recipes with them for their new home.

Cupcake With Character made our ruffle table cloth. It is Kensy's favorite color! 

We discovered that garlic strings can be a little hard to find on short notice. All the instructions I found suggested using garlic with the stems still attached, but we couldn't find garlic with tops, so we got creative. We took raffia and braided it, and then hot glued garlic to create the effect.  

 These were just a few of our toppings that were brought of my and white sauce that we put in those awesome bottles found at Hobby Lobby. 

The pizza on the right is the one that won! It had pesto, chicken, feta, and mozzerella. It was almost a tie! They both used the same ingredients. The tie breaker was the order in which the ingredients were utilized.


GreatStitch did chef coats for Bryant and Kensy and customized aprons to use as they cooked. In addition we did kitchen towels for the happy couple. 

We are so thrilled to be adding Kensy to our family and we wish them many, many, happy years together!

Thanks to all of our friends and family members who came to take part in this special event, and for letting us share our family's special event with you.

The Good Stuff

Party Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Photos: Gypsy Canon
Cake, cake pops, cupcakes: All Things Cake
Embroidery: GreatStitch
Printables: Anders Ruff
Envelopes: Party Prepaganda
Favor Bags: Nashville Wraps
Painted Furniture: Rhonda Byers@ My Papa's Barn
Red Ruffle Table Cloth: Cupcake With Character
Trellis and Pizza oven: Dave and Faye Young

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  1. What a cute party!! I love the idea of sharing the sauce. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!