Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweet Traditions

Valentine's Day is usually thought of as a romantic holiday...but love comes in lots of different forms. In our family, Valentine's Day has always been a very special day. We started the day waking our kids up with a box of chocolates...

 ...and we ended the day celebrating our anniversary. That's right - we got married on Valentine's Day! It's a day that should be made special, and we never wanted our kids to feel excluded! So every Valentine's day, to this day, we get them a small box of chocolates. Don't leave your kiddos out of the family celebration. Build a tradition with them. Traditions in a family are so good for them. They know what to expect. It may be cheesy, but they know they can count on it! 

So to celebrate, what could be more fun on Valentine's Day than throwing a little party in a flower shop? Surrounded by flowers of all shapes and sizes, we decided to ask our brother sister team to enjoy themselves in our local Reasor's store and take in their newly renovated space.

These lovely printables are all dressed up for Valentine's Day from Forever Your Prints!

GreatStitch provided adorable outfits for Presley and Jackson. 

At Reasor's, they have a huge flower section, as many as any fact, don't tell, but I saw a local florist buying flowers from them! And the cheese shop...oh my!

One of our new friends from BASH, Keisha Sibert of Cupcake Wishes Store, made this yarn banner for us! Her poms are so full and round it would make any banner beautiful! We just added the hand written letters on the paper from Forever Your Prints and we had the best banner around! 

We also found these festive (and delicious) cupcakes right in the store!

GreatStitch made the shirts and pants. We did this design specifically for Valentine's Day to match the printables. Let us know if you have something you are trying to match colors on and we would be happy to help! 

For our ice cream sodas, we bought a "can" of ice cream. You push it from the bottom like a push up. It was quite fascinating! I suppose if you were desperate, you could just pump it right in to the mouth of a screaming child! Talking like a future grandma now, not a mom of course! A mom would never do that!! 

The other party treats came from the GreatStitch kitchen - We love to make goodies for our parties!

Presley got to have a "costume change" for this party!  And isn't it the cutest! This dress was created just for her by one of our awesome team members. Manny is careful and creative. He is working for the GreatStitch team now, but we know he will be on to better things soon because he is so very talented! Here is his impressive bio:

Enmanuel Durant was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. After relocating to the United States, he has lived in Raleigh, Atlanta and Miami. A 6 year veteran of the United States Air Force who served 3 tours, including Operation Southern Watch and Iraqi Freedom, he began sewing and construction while serving in the US Air Force with various projects, including work on Air Force One. A fashion design graduate of Clary Sage College, he was also named outstanding fashion design student within his graduating class. He took top honors at the 2014 Tulsa State Fair, placing first in both fashion sketching and original fashion design. Along with serving on the staff of John Casablanca’s Tulsa office as an acting instructor, Enmanuel also sews, designs and embellishes for Broken Arrow based Great Stitch. An active member of the Miss Green Country and Miss Teen Green Country Scholarship Pageants boards he does custom design, reconstruction and alterations from his Tulsa studio.

 You can contact Manny at if you are interested in the adorable dress below. He mostly focuses on adults, but we were so happy he came to help us on this party! I especially love the way he treated the stripe and matched it all up! 

We also made her brother a monogrammed pocket! 

They're all ready to cuddle up for a cozy night in...or after a fun night out.  A fuzzy blanket from GreatStitch would make the perfect addition to your family fun!

Our GreatStitch kiddos are so adorable! It may be the talented Gypsy Canon that makes them laugh we don't know, but there always seems to be a moment when everyone cracks up!  So, we will end this Valentine's with a family laugh!  Make sure you tell them you love them this Valentine's Day!! All of them! Even the littlest ones!

The Good Stuff:
Party Styling: Brenda and Rhonda Byers
Photography: GypsyCanon
Printables: Forever Your Prints
Yarn Banner: Cupcake Wishes Store
Cupcakes and Flowers: Reasor's Grocery
Valentine's PJ's and blanket: GreatStitch
Red Dress: Manny Designs

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