Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY: Cake Stand

This is how it all started - can you believe it?
One afternoon I asked one of my helpers here at GreatStitch to draw this when we were brainstorming ideas for the BASH 2015 tabletop competition, and it became the blueprint of our Cleopatra entry. If you notice we had pretty much everything fleshed out that day, but then the center piece was left vague on purpose because at that time I had no idea what we were going to do! Thankfully we had many more days to prepare! 

The biggest project in this adventure was our centerpiece with the pyramid cake on top. Believe it or not, we made it ourselves! I also did all the embroidery on everything on the table that has stitching, but I figured that wasn't DIY anymore since we do that all day every day! So keeping the pyramid shape in mind, we tapered the layers from the bottom to the top to culminate in our pyramid centerpiece cake topper. 

After a family outing to Home Depot, we built the cake stand together. My dad is pretty awesome figuring things out, and I'm so thankful for his expertise and willingness to help out. The pieces supporting the top two tiers are fence post caps stacked on top of one another! They created interest in the middle of the piece and saved us from having to miter all those extra corners!   

Each platform was made out of wall trim boards we mitered together.  For the base, we ensured our corners were square by nailing the triangle pieces to one side, then the other, before ripping the middle board to fit in between it all and act as the platform.  Extra support was provided by 2x2"s in the corners and a 6x6" piece of fence post at the base. We also drilled through the entire height of the stand, fastening bolts at every layer to ensure its sturdiness. 

The amazing GypsyCanon painted (and photographed) the whole thing for us.  I truly love the soft gold she created with layers of paint!

 Although this project was a little more work than we anticipated, it proved you can do anything yourself with a trip to the local hardware store and some elbow grease! This took us about 2 days as a family to knock it out. 

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  1. Spectacularly done! That pearly gold color is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for the table.